20 show-stopping Christmas roast recipes (2024)

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The perfect centrepiece for your table. - by Eunice Oh

You can't celebrate Christmas without a roast. Not only do they provide the perfect centrepiece for the dining table, but they're always enough to feed a large crowd too.

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Preparing a roast can be quite a daunting task, even for the most experienced home chef. But whether it's pork, chicken, beef, lamb or turkey, we've got the recipes to make it a breezy task.

Here are BHG's 20 best recipes that will have your friends and family raving around the Christmas table.

Pork recipes

1.Roast pork loin with herb salt rub

What better? A roast that comes coated in Italian herbs and sea-salt flakes, giving the crackling a delicious, noisy finish.

2.Fruit stuffed pork roast with apple sauce

Stuff and roll your way to this luscious loin! The stuffing and sauce are both super easy to make and the roast apples double down on this classic combo of flavours.

3.Perfect pork roast

Throw out the cookbooks ’cause this simply divine pork special is all set to be your go-to recipe from now on.

4. Stuffed roast pork loin with roasted onions

With cranberry-crammed stuffing, this roast pork is perfect for traditionalists who love a hot Christmas lunch or dinner. Just remember to keep your guard up around crackling thieves.

5. Sour cherry-stuffed pork loin with maple anise gravy

Crunchy pork crackling and colourful carrots make for a main that’s the toast of the table. Serve with fried sage leaves for a herby, fragrant, festive topper – yum!

Chicken recipes

6.Roast herb chicken and vegetables

Choose a pan that will take your roast from oven to table. It's quick and easy and means less dirty dishes. Winners all round!

7. Cheesymite chicken

Rob Palmer

Put an Aussie spin on the traditional Christmas turkey with Fast Ed. Made with a vegemite, cheese and bread stuffing… this Cheesymite chicken is not only delicious but budget-friendly, too.

8.Roast chicken with prune stuffing

With a delicious prune and brioche stuffing and a simple gravy, it’s the perfect meal to savour this Christmas.

9.Roast Tuscan chicken with corn and sage stuffing

You can't go wrong with a roast chicken for a family lunch or dinner.With a Tuscan inspired corn and bread stuffing alongside a mouth-watering gravy made from the chicken juices, this is a roast to remember!

10. Roast chicken with sweet paprika and root vegetables

Remember to rub the herb-and-spice butter under the skin of your chook and sprinkle more flavouring over the top for the ultimate roast chicken.

11.Christmas roast chicken with macadamia herb seasoning

The macadamia stuffing with thyme, sage and prosciutto is to die for.

Beef recipes

12.Beef roast with glazed vegetables

This simple roast is easy to master, andthe mustardy crust is delicious, light andelegant. It’s easy, so get cooking!

13.Beef rib roast with chimichurri

In the oven or on your barbecue - it's up to you!

14. Family beef roast

Ed’s got a classic recipe that’s setup to be easier than ever. Beef fillet, cranberry sauce, gravy, barbecue sauce and baked veg - you can’t go wrong!

Lamb recipes

15.Roast lamb with hasselback potatoes

Go classic with garlic and herbs in the lamb slits or evenuse anchovy slices, chilli slivers or feta nuggets instead.

16.Spiced lamb leg barbecue roast

Fire up the oven to cook this delicious spiced leg of lamb, roughly 2kg in weight, that's more than enough to feed a family of eight.

17. Cranberry and thyme lamb shoulder

Lamb shoulder is great value for money and this simple set-and-forget method frees up your time in the kitchen for more celebrating!

Turkey recipes

18. Turkey with pancetta and chorizo stuffing

Andre Martin

Give your turkey a twist and cook the stuffing in balls – they will have a crunchy crust.

19. Step-by-step guide to turkey breast with stuffing

Making your own stuffing is super fast - and it looks impressive! Here's a full guide with pictures.

20.Roast turkey with garlic bread stuffing and honey thyme glaze

A delicious honey-thyme glaze and a garlic bread stuffing is sure to keep you stuffed until it's time for dessert!

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20 show-stopping Christmas roast recipes (23)
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20 show-stopping Christmas roast recipes (2024)


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